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Toddler Class

The casa Dei Bambini toddler program welcomes children from 18 month to 2.5 years to come together in a community atmosphere.

We offer two choices to the parents at this level: A five day program or a 3 consecutive day program. Whatever you choose we ensure that your child’s development will be our first priority.

Our aims for this stage is to:

  • Aid the children’s development in gaining confidence.
  • Build on their developing self -esteem and social skills
  • Encourage and stimulate the love of learning.

Our toddler program sets the children on a lifelong path of exploration, in a world created especially for the heart of a young child.

In this sensorial environment of order and simplicity, all aspects have been tuned to the rhythm of a child. The height of the shelves, and the size of the tables and chairs, the structure of the child’s day have all been carefully planned to fulfill a Toddler’s needs, while empowering their sense of self- worth and optimum development.

Toddlers are happiest in a constant state of motion. Toddlers have new found abilities and a strong desire to “do it by myself,” yet they seek and ever-ready avenue for reassurance as their intellectual, physical and social skills blossom.

We do this by providing an environment that gives the children freedom to move and explore, according to their needs.

The practical life skills at this stage teach the children self-control, and help them a healthy self- image by participating in real activities i.e. Sorting, sweeping, dusting and buttoning. In this environment children discover that there is a place for everything, which answers to the needs of a young child for order of both time and place.

This is also a time that visual discrimination and hand and eye coordination needs to be stimulated. The children will find materials they love to work with ranging from simple shapes and colors, things to put into containers; threading large beads; knobbed puzzles and other materials that allow them to refine their pincer grip and which, indirectly prepares them for writing and other fine muscle activities later on

Our Toddler Program provides a safe, nurturing atmosphere, allowing for a child’s freedom of movement and learning directed by a child’s interest.  Children experience cognitive and motor development by hands-on activities at an unhurried pace.  They are given time to become captivated by a concept, and encouraged to develop their potential in their own time.

When children learn at their natural pace, it is often by leaps and bounds.  When learning is its own reward, the need for artificial rewards and punishment disappears.  When children are guided by an adult sensitive to their needs, yet left free to explore, children gain self-confidence and self-discipline, creating a strong foundation for all future learning.

Children are gradually accustomed to the program through a “phase-in period” for a comfortable transition to this home away from home.

Designed to nurture a child’s mental and physical streams of energy in harmony, a child’s day encompasses indoor and outdoor, individualized and social toddler activities.  As children gain an increasing sense of order, coordination, concentration and independence, they naturally progress from the Toddler to Preschool program.